Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest

Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest

Tegan Morey

Young people from Pinjarra took initiative to create an opportunity for local and visiting youth to attend an event reflecting their interests and lifestyle. Supported by the Shire of Murray, young coordinators ran Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest at Pinjarra Skate Park on Saturday 2 April 2016.

Musician Samuel Osborne (aka Samwise) was engaged to run beatboxing workshops in the ‘Beatboxing Om Dome’, a space for participants to learn to beatbox as well as about the art of sound looping. The relaxed atmosphere of the space allowed young people to try something new and have fun making music in a group.

Street artists The Graphite Crew were engaged to work with groups of young people keen to learn aerosol painting techniques. The outline of a mural was provided to participants who were given the opportunity to join in creating the final masterpiece. The completed art work was attached to the fence at the skate park permanently, providing the young people who use the park with a reminder of their creative achievements as well as an increased sense of ownership over the skate park.




Project Name: Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest

Auspice organisation: Shire of Murray

Amount approved: $4,000

Funding program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Region: Peel

YCulture is a fantastic initiative and program to empower young people and create ownership over local projects that are run by youth for youth”.

Project Coordinator
25 years

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