Derby to Broome | Kimberley Trip Part Three

Derby to Broome | Kimberley Trip Part Three

Doone McAlary

We break camp Saturday and aim for the Gibb River Road and Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre. First there’s no way we’re going to miss Tunnel Creek, the oldest cave system in Western Australia; or Windjana Gorge National Park in the King Leopold Ranges. This area as with the Geikie Gorge was under water during the Devonian period. I’m childishly thrilled to see a bask of about 25 freshies in the Lennard River; and to wade through the same water that Jandamarra did in the late 1800s when he used Tunnel Creek for approximately four years when hiding out from the police.

Windjana Gorge National Park King Leopold Ranges. Photo by Doone McAlary

Katie Breckon at Mowanjum cuts into her Saturday to see us. Katie is doing digital work with the artists and was successful earlier this year in securing a Community Project Fund to expand technical skills in photography and printing. The Centre is sizable and well equipped, but being the weekend more tourists than artists.

The sun is down when we arrive in Broome.  Jess has done a massive five hours behind the wheel. I owe her!

Monday we have a funding forum scheduled late in the day at Goolarri Media, thanks to Kira Fong. The day is filled with meetings starting with Bruce Gorring from Marrugeku who recently received funds through the Regional Arts Legacy Grants. Then catching up with Theatre Kimberley who receives Core Arts Funding from us. Next up is Suzie Haslehurst from the Shire of Broome and past Chair of our Board. Finally we chat with Chris Maher President of the Shinju Matsuri Festival. Up-take of the forum was excellent with a good cross-section of organisations represented. Earlier in the day we manage to fit in an interview on Goolarri Radio.

Broome Funding Forum held at Goolari Media. Photo by Doone McAlary

Broome Funding Forum held at Goolari Media. Photo by Doone McAlary

Straight from the forum I drop Jess at the airport. What a field trip! Thank you to everyone we met along the way.

I’m staying behind to prolong my Kimberley experience…

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