Spooking up Esperance with Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Spooking up Esperance with Drug Aware YCulture Regional

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There has been an increase in zombie sightings in Esperance and we think we know why.

Assorted zombies gather for Once Upon a Nightmare Bijou Theatre. Photo: Michelle Clark.

A group of young people, led by Amy Clarke and Stanley Halls, engaged mixed media sculpture artist, creature creator and prop maker Gwen Fox to teach them the mystery of mask making.

The young coordinators wanted to add an extra dimension to their haunted house Halloween performance with the Esperance Theatre Guild – that is where Gwen came in.

Amy and Stanley organised a 2-day workshop with Gwen to teach 20 participants to design, fabricate, detail and apply Halloween-themed latex prosthetics and masks. At the end of the second day there was a group of fearsome zombies and ghouls where the participants once stood.

Workshop participants showcase their works in progress outside the Cannery Arts Centre. Photo: Michelle Clark.

It was the second year the Esperance Theatre Guild had transformed the historic Bijou Theatre (built 1896) into a haunted house for Halloween and the audience doubled, with over 1,000 children and adults attending the event over two nights.

“The showcase production “Once Upon a Nightmare” was a huge success and the cast members who did the mask workshop looked horrendously bad!” – Amy, Project Coordinator.

Workshop participants prepare their masks at the Cannery Arts Centre. Photo: Derek Clarke.

The workshop gave the young participants a new set of skills that they can utilise in future activities and performances. Amy and Stanley have even said opportunities are already beginning to pop up for them to share their new skills. If you’re living in Esperance, keep your eyes out for the zombie hoard.

Assorted zombies assemble at Once Upon a Nightmare. Credit: JV Media.

“The best thing was playing with different materials & getting messy – was great to be individual & completely different to everyone else.” – Hannah, 16

“I think the best thing was that we got to try something that we don’t normally do.” – Amy, 12

Caitlin and Amy prepare their masks at the Cannery Arts Centre. Photo: Derek Clarke.

Looking to run your own youth arts workshop? Drug Aware YCulture Regional is open to regional people aged 12-26 for skills development across any artform.

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