Same but Different Forum

Same but Different Forum

Gemma Robins

Big hART were invited to present The Yijala Yala Project at the Same but Different forum in Alice Springs, March 2013.

The Same but Different Forum, supports Indigenous artists and media practitioners to showcase their work and share stories of its production. Big hART were able to support two young artists Alison Lockyer and Layler Walker from Roebourne, to participate in the forum and present on the community arts project that has been running in Roebourne WA for more than two years facilitating programs and creating content in film, music, theatre, digital media, online games and ipad applications such as NEOMAD.




Project Name: Same but Different Forum
Funding Recipient: Big hART Inc.
Amount Approved: $2,942.00
Funding Program: Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grant Community Category
Region: Pilbara

This project enabled Alison Lockyer and Layler Walker to develop skills in communicating how they make the digital media artworks and what NEOMAD is all about to a variety of audiences including other artists, academics, school kids and the general public”.

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