Hats by Felicity 

Hats by Felicity 

Regional Arts WA

‘Hats by Felicity’ was invited to showcase a collection of millinery as part of the annual Broome Mardi Gras Pride Festival. 

The “All that Glitters” event is a new festival event, as part of The Pride-Tide, that promises to provide a perfect opportunity to showcase regional artists and unique art forms. The Quick Response Grant supported Felicity to secure and purchase materials to develop a flamboyant, bling and glittered showcase collection of 20 pieces of head art for the event.

“Crown Jewels” collection unveil. Photo by Laura Grass Photography.

Project Name: “Crown Jewels” Showcase of Millinery
Funding Recipient: Hats by Felicity
Amount Approved: $1,512
Funding Program: Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grant
Region: Kimberley

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