Dowerin Do-Over Mural Project

Dowerin Do-Over Mural Project

Regional Arts WA

Dowerin Community Resource Centre were approached by the Shire of Dowerin to be involved in the Dowerin Do Over by way of visual arts and arts projects for the Dowerin community.

Part conference, part hands-on placemaking, Dowerin Do Over included interactive activities and projects along Dowerin’s main street. The Dowerin Do-Over Art Project was a multi-layered event involving a live art demonstration and installation of an entry statement mural to enable amenity improvement, capacity building, connectivity and sense of belonging.

Dowerin Mural. Photo by Ashlee Banks, courtesy of Shire of Dowerin and Dowerin Community Resource Centre.

Project Name: Dowerin Do-Over Mural Project
Funding Recipient:
Dowerin Community Resource Centre
Amount Approved:
Funding Program:
Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grant

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