Potluck at Nine: Presented by Drug Aware

Potluck at Nine: Presented by Drug Aware

Regional Arts WA

Young people in Mandurah participated in the remount and redevelopment of contemporary theatre show Potluck at Nine.

Project Coordinators Emily and George worked with playwright and theatre maker Yvette Wall to develop their writing and directing skills. Under Yvette’s guidance, a script previously performed in June 2021 was refined and extended from 30 to 50 minutes.

Nine theatre makers were cast in the production, undergoing a two and a half month long rehearsal process wherein they learnt how to flesh out character, and develop skills and build experience in acting and creating theatre. Additionally, a stage manager and assistant director were selected through an application process to give them an opportunity to build skills and experience.

At the end of the rehearsal process, the script was performed at Fraser’s Landing on 7 and 8 January. This provided an opportunity to showcase the skills developed, the newly refined script, and to share the show’s message of growth, community, and mental health.

“I think that Potluck at Nine offered something unique to both participants involved (performers, directors, writers, crew) and to audiences, therefore making it a huge success. Shows like this aren’t made enough in my opinion! The writing and content offers something so different in terms of the way it really delves into the way our minds work, and that shone, making it a huge success.” – Participant

Four actors rehearse their play. The young man in the centre holds a script. Image: Scene during rehearsal. Photo by Dylan Randall.

Project Name: Potluck at Nine: Presented by Drug Aware
Project Coordinators: Emily Burton and George Burton
Auspice: All the Ways Theatre Company
Amount Approved: $4,000
Funding Program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Region: Peel

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