Ripples in the Pond

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Ripples in the Pond

Ripples in the Pond, an exhibition of Great Southern Aboriginal art, was presented by the Vancouver Arts Centre from 31 May to 2 August  2014. Celebrating the legacy of the Carrolup Style, this exhibition included 35 paintings by ten Noongar artists, selected from 12 local private art collections as well as the City of Albany.

Ripples in the Pond connected with and supported the important Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home) exhibition of The Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup Artwork presented by Curtin University and the City of Albany at the Albany Town Hall from 23 May to 29 June.

A significant exhibition for the descendants of the prolific artist Bella Kelly; Cheryl Narkle, Jade Dimer, Kira-Lee Dimer, Tahliah Dimer, Dakota Dimer and Tommy Dimer. Photographer Annette Davis. (insert picture)

Curated by Annette Davis, Ripples in the Pond tells the story of how the style of art made famous by the school boy artists at Carrolup Mission has been passed on through generations of Noongar artists, hence the title. The exhibition included paintings by Parnell Dempster, Alan Kelly, Lance Chadd Tjyllungoo, Phillip Hansen, Quinton Colbung, Athol Farmer Moordip, Kelvin Penny, Pauline Farmer, Graham “Swag” Taylor, and Bella Kelly.

Coupled with a strong public program, the exhibition has generated considerable interest in Noongar art, its history, and its importance to the region’s culture. Anecdotal evidence uncovered through the development of Ripples in the Pond suggests that Bella Kelly (whose four sons attended the Carollup School) had an original influence on the Carollup schoolboys’ artistic development.

Untold numbers of works by the prolific artist Bella Kelly appear to exist within private collections and there is clearly an appetite for further recognition, acknowledgement and documentation of her work and her contribution to Western Australian art history.

The exhibition was funded by the City of Albany. Vancouver Arts Centre are supported by the Core Arts Fund which provides operational support to regional arts organisations to deliver an annual program of arts and cultural activities to the community.

Project Name: Annual Arts and Cultural Program 2014-2016

Funding Recipient: Vancouver Arts Centre

Amount Approved: $37,000 per annum

Funding Program: Core Arts Fund Peak category

Region: Great Southern

Quotes from audience members: “To have Noongar culture on display in its home country is a credit to the City of Albany and our community”.

“What a fantastic exhibition. The City of Albany should be very proud of it”.

“A wonderful insight into the talent of the Noongar people. Thank you”.

“You can feel the life and spirit in the works”.

“Thank you for sharing country, sharing hearts”.

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