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Larger than life

Larger than Life Arts By the Sea was a community arts festival held over two days in Esperance in May 2014. Live bands, open mikes, sculpture prizes, markets and workshops were all showcased in the museum village for the community. This event involved many community partnerships and was the culmination of 18 months project work.

Creative Newspaper Competition. Photographer: Dan Paris (insert picture)

It provided the opportunity for Esperance artists, hobbyists, groups or organisations to showcase their artistic talent and come together. Over 30 local community groups and around 500 participants and volunteers were actively involved. An estimated 1500 – 2000 people attended the festival. This was a significant community building project that resulted in broad engagement and a noticeable increase in local arts activities in the months after.

Esperance Community Arts are supported by the Core Arts Fund which provides operational support to regional arts organisations delivering an annual program of arts and cultural activities to the community.

Project Name: Annual Arts and Cultural Program 2014-2016

Funding Recipient: Esperance Community Arts

Amount Approved: $43,296  per annum

Funding Program: Core Arts Fund Peak category

Region: Goldfields-Esperance

Quote: “Larger Than Life was a fantastic community exhibition/celebration. It involved people from various walks of life, from artists and musicians to knitters and recycle-rs. The preparation and organisation ran very well. The key coordinators were inspiring and very accommodating to everyone involved. The arrangement and organising of exhibits ran smoothly with a great volunteer team. The event was well attended and comments were positive.” Survey respondent. (insert logo)

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