Northampton and Murchison River Message Sticks

Northampton and Murchison River Message Sticks

Regional Arts WA

From little things, big things grow.

Artspiration Episode 9 takes us to Northampton, where Northampton Old School has renewed old traditions for youth through an incredible arts project that tells the stories of a community in a deeply local way.

Youth Worker Melissa Drage, Lead Artists Colleen and Mauretta Drage and participants D’Marra Drag, Maurissa Drage-Hill and Delilah Whyatt reveal their incredible experiences with the Project. Project Manager Annette Sellers tells us about the challenges and rewards of crafting a project like this and trying to find funding to make it happen.

Artspiration is an initiative of The Creative Grid project through the Regional Arts Partnership Program supported by the Departments of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, and Regional Arts WA.

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