Manjimup youth Break Free again with Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Manjimup youth Break Free again with Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Matthew Tomich

Don’t be surprised when the next crop of young artists pops up in Manjimup.

Street artist Sam Allen poses in front of Daymon and David Kay. Photo: Jayne Muir.

Following the success of the Break Free workshops in 2017, Manjimup played host to two weeks of multi-artform workshops thanks to Drug Aware YCulture Regional.

Over two dozen young people from the Manjimup community took part in music, street art and performance workshops coordinated by professional facilitators over two weeks.

South West based-artist Sam Allen, whose mural work adorns various laneways in Busselton and Dunsborough, collaborated with locals on a street art project outside the Manjimup Town Hall.

Meanwhile, Bunbury guitarist Phil Strahan led an open jam session, inviting Manjimup youth to join him and bring their own instruments as he taught locals performance and rhythm techniques.

Bunbury guitarist Phil Strahan at an open jam session with locals Jorja Forsman and Lucy Tartaglia. Photo: Jayne Muir.

In the Break Free 2’s second week, Trent Garrett shared the Drug Aware message and worked with locals on a series of strength and fitness exercises before choreographer Jayne Lee conducted a series of movement, acro-dance and hip hop workshops.

Trent Garrett leads a group of Manjimup youth in physical training before a dance workshop later that afternoon. Photo: Brooke Thomas.

Local choreographer Jayne Lee leads Manjimup youth in a dance workshop at the Manjimup Town Hall. Photo: Brooke Thomas.

Like all Drug Aware YCulture Regional activities, Break Free 2 was coordinated by young people. Brooke T., 18, and Holly T., 16 worked alongside Warren Arts Council to write the funding application, manage advertising and marketing, handle logistics and acquit the project.

“The best part was getting to join in and being so welcome even if you had never danced or spray painted before.” – Savannah Ashworth, 15

“It was refreshing to hear the drug aware message from someone who has experienced the impacts of drugs, which created a more realistic approach towards it and helping us understand the dangers of it.” – Enya MacDonald, 15

“The day was awesome! Jayne and Trent made it so fun and I felt relaxed to try everything they did. I didn’t want to go home.” – Lachy Rowell, 12

Street artist Sam Allen with David and Daymon Kay. Photo: Jayne Muir.

Looking to run your own youth arts workshop? Drug Aware YCulture Regional is open in 2019 to regional people aged 12-26 for skills development across any artform.

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