Les Walkling Workshop

Les Walkling Workshop

Gemma Robins

An opportunity arose for Mowanjum Arts and Culture Centre to engage Les Walkling who is an artist, educator and digital imaging consultant to provide a three day skills development workshop to staff.

The workshops focused on improving digital media workflows, archival studio lighting and establishing a professional printing workflow. A one day workshop was also provided to the general public that showcased Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop processing techniques, archiving strategies and editing enhancements.




Project name: Les Walkling Workshop

Funding recipient: Mowanjum Aboriginal Art

Amount approved: $3,000

Funding program: Quick Response Grant

Region: Kimberley

New relationships with independent Kimberley photographers were developed and old partnerships strengthened between Kimberley Art Centres and Heritage Centres whom we have fostered a relationship with before”.

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