Kulin Open Doors

Kulin Open Doors

Gemma Robins

The Shire of Kulin collaborated with Scooplight Theatre and cultural heritage professionals to develop an interpretive theatre project; Kulin Open Doors and Kulin by Night.

Local community members and other stakeholders were engaged to participate in the project, unlocking the spaces within the town that have resonance and historical significance with the local community, exploring the iconic buildings and heritage of the town. The project was held in the lead up to the Kulin Bush Races in October 2013.




Project Name: Kulin Open Doors

Funding Recipient: Shire of Kulin

Amount Approved: $7,731

Funding Program:  Regional Arts Fund Project Community Category

Region: Wheatbelt

The interpretive theatre was a fantastic success and enabled community members (past and present) to share their stories, facts, photos and information regarding Kulin’s history and then see it re-enacted in the streets and buildings of Kulin”.

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