Hunting For Foxes

Hunting For Foxes

Gemma Robins

Hunting for Foxes was a contemporary photography project delivered by Mullewa Arts Development Group from May 2013 to April 2014. Fifty local woman were engaged in the project. Led by professional photographers, the women developed photographic skills as well as explored expressions of self through visioning workshops.

Through the project, participants were able to examine and challenge long held cultural stereotypes associated with woman living in the bush. The project culminated in the creation of  high quality images that were exhibited at Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.



Project Name: Hunting for Foxes

Funding Recipient: Mullwea Arts Development Group auspiced by Mullewa Arts and Crafts Station

Amount Approved: $10,000

Funding Program: Regional Arts Fund Project Community Category

Region: Mid West

The project exceeded any possible expectations we may have held for it with its unique ability to capture the imagination of many local women who have never previously engaged in local cultural activities”.

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