Hopetoun authors launch new works among the wildflowers

Hopetoun authors launch new works among the wildflowers

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Local authors Dellis Venning and Chenda Goldfinch launched their new books at the Hopetoun Community Centre on 8 September.

The faithful patrons who supported Dellis and Chenda enjoyed a table laden with good food and a variety of wines and champagne, some of which was donated by Manus and Alison. Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council supported the event and we sincerely thank them and the Manisons for their generosity.

Two illustrious personalities performed the honours: Will Yeoman, travel writer, ABC presenter and arts critic, launched Dellis’ third book in a series, A Clear Path.

Will Yeoman and Dellis Venning. Picture by Sue Leighton.

He carried out a Q&A session with Dellis about her writing, her inspiration and compulsion to keep telling the story of Thea, the novel’s protagonist. He commended her on her dedication and inventiveness and encouraged everyone to buy all three in the series so far, if they had not already done so.

Sabrina Hahn, horticulturalist, writer, radio presenter and philanthropist spoke enthusiastically about Chenda’s book, Islands.

She had enjoyed the mix of a personal story, the travel component and the interest of science and art within the book. She touched on the scientific fascination with islands; their different plants and animals and the character of the islanders, and the sketches and watercolours by Chenda included in the book.

Sabrina Hahn and Chenda Goldfinch. Picture by Sue Leighton.

In his address at the opening of the Wildflower Show (which ran from 7 – 16 September), Will Yeoman said how impressed he was by the Ravensthorpe Hopetoun district, which he had never visited before.

He had particularly noticed the community’s affinity for the arts, represented in sculptures (Farm Gate Art), other visual arts, writing and music (the Hopetoun choir sang at the opening) and felt that art and science, the geology and botany of the area, were strongly interlinked.

Chenda said it had been observed before that living in a beautiful and inspirational environment gave rise to exceptional creativity.

“I feel we are extremely lucky to have thriving art groups, writing group, book clubs, wood workers, craftspeople and music in our community, and the Arts Council giving support and encouragement to all,” she said.

Dellis and Chenda’s books are available from The Blue House, Hopetoun CRC and the Ravensthorpe Museum and Visitor Centre.

Covers of the books recently launched in Hopetoun.

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