Drug Free, Be Free, Be You

Drug Free, Be Free, Be You

Regional Arts WA

Girls from the Black and Cute group participated in a series of face-to-face and online photography workshops with Kalgoorlie-based photographer Melissa Drummond.

This was an opportunity for the African girls’ group to tell their stories, producing work for in-person and virtual exhibitions, which encouraged the audience to understand African women beyond the stereotypes.

Project coordinators gained experience in teamwork, organising group functions, communication, and budgeting, while participants learned about the basics of photography – composition, lighting and exposure.

“It was a success, as we have had many compliments from the people who have gone to see the pictures. People have also noticed that we are building confidence.”

Project Name: Drug Free, Be Free, Be You
Project Coordinators: Tanaka Maponde and Tadiwa Mutanga
Auspice: BlackandCUTE
Amount Approved: $3,975
Funding Program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Region: Goldfields-Esperance

Drug Aware YCulture Regional is funded by Healthway to promote the Drug Aware message.

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