Drug Aware Youth Original Works Program

Drug Aware Youth Original Works Program

Regional Arts WA

Seven young people in Geraldton ran a series of online and face-to-face workshops over six weeks while COVID-19 restrictions were in place, to further develop their skills in creation and performance of their own original works.

Participants learned creative development skills through the support and guidance of Euphorium Creative who mentored the participants in production. The final showcase resulted in the participants devising, producing, and performing shows written entirely by them at a local venue in Geraldton.

“The project provided a pathway for young creatives to learn how to independently develop and produce their own show, whilst also bringing light-hearted entertainment to people as they came out of government restrictions due to the pandemic. It was a “step” back into the creative world for participants and audience members alike, and allowed us all to ease ourselves back into arts and cultural activities.”

Photo taken through a window. Three young boys with dark curly hair wearing overalls and flannel perform on a makeshift stage. The audience sits on red chairs, one man films the boys on his phone. Rhett, Joel and Matt entertaining the audience at their show, The Corn Boys. Photo by Jody Quadrio.

Project Name: Drug Aware Youth Original Works Program
Project Coordinators: Joel Pearson and Rhett Farmer
Auspice: Funtavia Inc
Amount Approved: $4,000
Funding Program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Region: Mid West

Drug Aware YCulture Regional is funded by Healthway to promote the Drug Aware message

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