Undalup Djeran Drug Aware Youth Event

Undalup Djeran Drug Aware Youth Event

Regional Arts WA

The Undalup Youth group wanted an opportunity for many of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth of Busselton and surrounding regions to participate in a series of dance and music workshops.

The Undalup Youth group engaged youth mentors and professional artists Michael Smith and Shannon Hart Cole to run hip-hop dance and rap music workshops at their Youth Week event, alongside cultural dance workshops by Aboriginal dance group Bindjareb Middars.

“The Undalup youth members who coordinated, helped organise and volunteered at the event, learnt so many new skills in the running of a community event. It gave us a great boost of confidence and self-esteem which helps us grow and learn how important it is to manage time and be organised. Both of us enjoyed being this year’s youth team leaders, as we were so excited at the end of the day, we could not stop smiling about how good a day it turned out to be.”

 Binjareb Middars with workshop participants. Photo by Double M.

Project Name: Undalup Djeran Drug Aware Youth Event
Project Coordinators: Juddanah Mills and Rachelle Cousins
Auspice: Undalup Association Inc.
Amount Approved: $4,000
Funding Program:
Drug Aware YCulture Regional
South West

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