Pressed for Time presented by Drug Aware

Pressed for Time presented by Drug Aware

Regional Arts WA

Young people in Nannup engaged Fremantle artists Leah Vlatko and Emma Stokes to lead skills workshops in flower pressing and lantern making.

With support from their local community organisation, Nannup Garden Village, the three young people coordinated a series of workshops over the school holidays, as well as a workshop area at the 2019 Nannup Flower and Garden Festival.

“It brang [sic] people together. It gave fun activities to the kids. Over the festival, it gave kids somewhere fun to be. I remember being at festivals when I was younger and there wasn’t much to do, and I wanted to go home. The busy bee creative corner stopped that. Festivals should be a time for all age groups to celebrate, including young people and I think this project allowed that.”

Three young girls sit at a table on a balcony. They are surrounded by craft equipment including brushes, notebooks and flowers. Learning how to press flowers. Photo by Emma Stokes.

Project Name: Pressed for Time presented by Drug Aware
Project Coordinators: Keira Learmond and Sophia Gryglicki
Auspice: Nannup Garden Village
Amount Approved: $3,850
Funding Program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Region: South West

Drug Aware YCulture Regional is funded by Healthway to promote the Drug Aware message.

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