First imPRESSions Drug Aware

First imPRESSions Drug Aware

Regional Arts WA

Northampton young people participated in a series of painting, print making, and sewing workshops with local artist Mauretta Drage and Geraldton print artist Lizzy Robinson.

Participants had the opportunity to design and print their own bags, and have their designs incorporated into a Message Sticks banner to be showcased at the Northampton Old School Community Initiative.

“Print making skills were new for me and teaching other people how to sew. I sew myself, but teaching others is a different skill. Learning the WWVP guidelines – I got my working with children card, looked after the attendance forms each day and learned about the feedback forms. I learnt a lot about looking after the kids from the other adults each day.”

Project Name: First imPRESSions Drug Aware
Project Coordinators: Brittley Mourambine and Caitlyn Harris 
Auspice: Northampton Old School Community Initiative Inc.
Amount Approved: $4,000
Funding Program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Region: Mid West

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