Drug Aware Reach1Teach1

Drug Aware Reach1Teach1

Regional Arts WA

Young people in Boddington engaged hip hop artist Trooth to run workshops on the process of music production from lyric writing, recording to music video production.

With a focus on expression through music, each participant wrote a poem to turn into a rap verse and performed them in a group music video.

“We believe that the program was extremely successful for many reasons, such as it has helped our Youth to think before they act. To know that every decision they make will either have a good outcome or a bad, and that the outcome will affect the people in their life.”

Collage of photos from workshops. Youth speaking to each other, hugging each other, posing in groups and speaking with Trooth Boddington Youth, Drug Aware HipHop Program. Photos by Vinn Roser

Project Name: Drug Aware Reach1Teach1
Project Coordinators: Tamika Bingham and Toila Harrison
Auspice:Boddington Youth Centre Inc.
Amount Approved:
Funding Program:
Drug Aware YCulture Regional

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