Drug Aware Midsummer Dreaming

Drug Aware Midsummer Dreaming

Regional Arts WA

Midsummer Dreaming was an entirely youth-driven, site-specific production, with 17 young people between the ages of 14–21.

Working with young director Ruby Liddelow in the creative development, participants learnt new skills in contemporary theatre making including content devising, script adapting, creating a show design and working as an ensemble.

“The project developed my devising skills to an extent no project in the past has done for me. It also allowed me to develop my writing skills and my ability to analyse a previously existing piece of art and find the good, the bad and rework the piece around this understanding. I also learned to utilise a non-traditional setting for a play as opposed to a stage in a theatre, granting me better understanding of the space and how to use it artistically. I learned how to communicate and advertise a show better as a large portion of spreading the word and enticing audiences was done by the cast. I also better developed my skills of creating a large project in a group as most other art projects have been more individualised or roles have been distributed whereas for Midsummer Dreaming, we all worked collaboratively on all aspects of the show.” – Participant

Midsummer Dreaming Tech Rehersal at Quarry Park Amphitheatre. Photo by Emily Burton.

Project Name: Drug Aware Midsummer Dreaming
Project Coordinators: Ruby Liddelow and Teaghan Lowry
Auspice: Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 
Amount Approved:
Funding Program:
Drug Aware YCulture Regional

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