Drug Aware Spray the Grey Youth Fest

Drug Aware Spray the Grey Youth Fest

Gemma Robins

Young people from the community of Jurien Bay were keen to provide more youth events in the community that were directly for young people themselves and that were responding to their needs and aspirations.  Supported by Inspirational Community Arts Network (ICAN), young coordinators hosted the Drug Aware Spray the Grey Youth Fest which engaged urban visual arts group Graphite Crew to deliver workshops in urban street art and Urban Youth Crew to run hip hop workshops.

The urban art workshops culminated in a painting of the community skate park whilst the festival was held around the space.

Participants learnt new skills in spray painting including how to use nozzles, angles and movement to gain the desired effect and how to use paints in different weather particularly on windy days. In addition, participants learnt important safety protocols such as wearing masks and how to be considerate of other’s work in a collaborative piece. Overall, participants learnt many positive ways that young people can express themselves artistically in the community.

The hip hop dance workshops and performances were led by  dance group Urban Youth Crew teaching people how to perform hip hop moves, choreograph a dance and tips for creating your own dance group.




Project Name: Drug Aware Spray the Grey

Auspice organisation: Inspirational Community Arts Network (ICAN)

Amount approved: $4,000

Funding program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Region: Wheatbelt

Giving the kids in the committee the chance to help out with the festival as well as being given the opportunity to speak to people in the Shire about what they would like to see in the town for youth has given them a sense of ownership and inspired them to pursue further activities in the town”.

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