Drug Aware Happy Bunbury Film Project

Drug Aware Happy Bunbury Film Project

Gemma Robins

Drug Aware Happy Bunbury Film Project was delivered in the South West region from September to December 2014. Young coordinators in Bunbury  engaged Geo Media Interactive to deliver workshops developing skills in all elements of film production including framing, planning, directing and editing.

The workshops created a Bunbury specific video clip of the Pharrell Williams song ‘Happy’, inspired by the video clips that have been created across the world.

The idea for the project came through discussions with the Bunbury Youth Advisory Council as well as with the Disability Service Commission local office. Young people in the community identified a need to develop a project that would celebrate International Day of People with Disability and provide an opportunity to develop  artistic skills  for young people of all abilities.

The final video clip was showcased on International Day of People with Disability at a community event to an audience of over 60 people. The YouTube clip has now attracted  over 1000 views.



Project Name: Drug Aware Happy Bunbury Film Project

Auspice organisation: City of Bunbury

Amount approved: $4,000

Funding program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Region: South West

We had 13 local businesses agree to be featured. We had 60 people attend the launch of the film on Tuesday 2nd December. At Wednesday 10th December, only a week following the launch of the film, the YouTube clip had 673 views. A post on the City of Bunbury Facebook launching the film reached 8,220 people and was shared 74 times. The film was also featured on the regional nightly news bulletin (GWN News)”.

Project Coordinator
24 years

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