Drug Aware Dance Workshops Mount Magnet

Drug Aware Dance Workshops Mount Magnet

Gemma Robins

Young people from Mount Magnet engaged the skills of Perth hip hop dance group, Urban Youth Crew and with the support of the Drug Aware YCulture Regional Program, flew the crew up to Mount Magnet to deliver a series of workshops for young people in their community.

Participants learnt  all kinds of new skills through the workshops including hip hop, break dancing, choreography, stretching and the importance of warming up as well as some new skills in photography.

The project culminated in a showcase of the new dance moves and a workshop for the entire community to get involved.

The project coordinators of Drug Aware Dance Workshops learnt a variety of new project management skills such as grant writing, contracting artists, planning and organising a community arts event.




Project Name: Drug Aware Dance Workshops

Auspice organisation: Shire of Mount Magnet

Amount approved: $4,000

Funding program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Region: Mid West

The project bought people together, provided opportunities for the youth to explore an activity they normally wouldn’t have access to”.

Young Project Coordinator
23 years

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