Drug Aware Beauty and the Street

Drug Aware Beauty and the Street

Gemma Robins

Drug Aware Beauty and the Street was an urban art  project developed by young people from the  Mid West region eager to expand their artistic skills and to provide other young people with an opportunity to learn techniques and gain exposure to different art forms.

Two projects coordinators, supported by Arts & Cultural Development Council (ACDC), engaged professional urban artist Drew Straker  to travel to Geraldton and deliver workshops for young people aimed at developing various skills and techniques in aerosol art.

During the workshops participants created their own art pieces which were exhibited at a showcase to the community held at the ACDC Gallery.

The project did not stop there with the young coordinators delivering a second phase of the project by leading the  participants in Geraldton to paint a mural design on a building in the town centre.  The coordinators were supported through  mentoring by Drew after his return to Perth.




Project Name: Drug Aware Beauty and the Street

Auspice organisation: Arts & Cultural Development Council Inc (ACDC)

Amount approved: $4,000

Funding program: Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Region: Mid West

The whole process was something new to me, I didn’t know what auspice meant. I learnt everything it takes to coordinate a youth project which has really opened my eyes to all the work that goes on behind the scenes”.

Project Coordinator
17 years

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