Denmark Festival of Voice | Denmark Arts

Denmark Festival of Voice | Denmark Arts

Regional Arts WA

Held over the long weekend in June, the Denmark Festival of Voice captivated locals and visitors with its depth of programming and sheer number of performances for the twelfth year running.


At the heart of every festival is the sound of massed voices, and this year there were a record 18 choirs, along with a host of smaller ensembles, trios, duos and soloists, both from within and outside of the community.

‘Voices not-often heard’ was the thread running through this year’s Festival: voices of people living with disability; voices of First Nation women; voices of refugees; and voices of endangered animals.

Poco Tutti, Australia’s only disability choir; and the Sisters of Invention, the world’s only disabled girl band, were amongst Festival guests; bringing with them the twin notions of difference and normality.

In addition to performances and workshops within the Festival, the Sisters offered a free workshop to the disabled community in collaboration with Community Living Association Albany.

A further highlight was The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir, led by Caribbean born Morris Stuart. The Choir spans five Aboriginal communities spread over thousands of kilometres, and sings in six languages: including traditional Aboriginal languages, English, German and Zulu.

Project Name: Denmark Festival of Voice
Funding Recipient: Denmark Arts Council
Amount Approved: $80,000 per annum
Funding Program: Core Arts Fund Peak Category and Regional Arts Legacy Grants
Region: Great Southern

Wow. The Festival of Voice is without question a world class Arts festival – here, in tiny Denmark, amazing! The organisation, the balance, the local artists, the WA artists, the Australian artists, the free stuff, the kids stuff, the around town stuff – it really is incredible.Festival 2016 participant

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