Creativity and collaboration make for positive change

Creativity and collaboration make for positive change

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Many folks will associate the term “Seachange” with moving away from a busy urban existence, and discovering a quieter, coastal lifestyle. “Seachange” represents positive change, it suggests the cleansing power of the sea, the daily ritual of morning beach walks and the smell of peppermint trees. For many of us it evokes memories of finding refuge.

Seachange is also the title and theme of Breaksea’s latest community Arts program which offers a series of visual and performance art workshops in Albany and the Great Southern throughout June and July. 

Breaksea has swiftly established itself as one of Western Australia’s most valuable community-focussed Arts groups through giving regional people the opportunity to work creatively alongside skilled professional performers, visual artists, and creators. The theme of Seachange is at the heart and soul of Breaksea as an organisation, as it invites a reflection on how creative and collaboration make for positive change in our community.

The program of workshops kick-off on Saturday 11 June at Albany Entertainment Centre with a multi-artform performance course using dance, movement, music & visual art. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn alongside experienced performer and vocalist Rachael Colmer, multi-media artist James Gentle, and dancer Jessica Ruggera. Also commencing on Saturday 11 June at Albany Public Library, delve into an intergenerational story writing course with two inspiring authors- Sarah Drummond and Naomi Lake. At the Vancouver Arts Centre you can have a go at the soothing art of pastels with incredible visual artist Robyn Receveur or make lanterns with Serena McLauchlan in a workshop that’s perfect for kids.

The Albany Town Hall becomes a magical world of shadow puppetry on Friday 7 and Saturday 9 July. Get a behind the scenes look at the creation of shadow puppetry, design and make your own shadow puppet and have a go at the ancient storytelling art of puppetry with Breaksea Director Matt Ward, visual artist and designer Sue Codee, and two highly skilled puppetry artists, Jane Davies and Sanjiva. Davies and Sanjiva bring with them great experience in the world of puppetry, both having worked extensively with Australia’s flagship puppetry company, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

A pile of sketchbooks with shadow puppet design drawings. Shadow puppetry creations by Sue Codee. Photo by Sue Codee.

In addition to the workshops on offer to the public, Seachange includes two specialised streams for Albany Prison and Albany Secondary Education Support Centre. The impact of Seachange extends further throughout the community with two local bands being commissioned to write new singles inspired by the theme. Including local electro-pop band Flood the Moon and Jarred Inman’s band, The Manic. The entirety of the Seachange program will culminate in a multi-arts Open Day at the Albany Entertainment Centre on Saturday 23 July. All participants will be invited to share their creative outcomes at the showcase- whether it be in person, via live stream or other form of presentation. Previous Breaksea programs have yielded results of outstanding quality, and it will be exciting to see what the outcomes for Seachange. There is no doubt the Open Day will be a display of wonderful creations and community pride.

Workshop details are listed below. For bookings visit

Multi-artform Performance Course with Rachael Colmer, James Gentle and Jessica Ruggera
Saturday 11 June 2022, Saturday 18 June 2022, Saturday 25 June 2022, Saturday 2 July 2022 | 1pm-4pm
Kalyenup Studio Albany Entertainment Centre

Family Story Writing Course with Sarah Drummond and Naomi Lake
Saturday 11 June 2022, Saturday 18 June 2022, Saturday 25 June 2022, Saturday 2 July 2022 | 10am-12pm
Albany Public Library

Learn to Draw in Pastel with Robyn Receveur
Saturday 2 July 2022 | 1pm-4pm
Vancouver Arts Centre

Evocative Seascape in Pastel with Robyn Receveur
Saturday 9 July 2022 | 1pm-4pm
Vancouver Arts Centre

School Holiday Lantern Making with Serena McLauchlan
Saturday 2 July 2o22, Saturday 3 July 2022 | 10am-3pm
Vancouver Arts Centre

Shadow Puppetry with Matt Ward, Sue Codee, Jane Davies and Sanjiva
Friday 8 July 2022, Saturday 9 July 2022 | various times
Albany Town Hall

Visit the Breaksea website for more information.

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