Beverley Fieldtrip

Beverley Fieldtrip

Regional Arts WA

Written by Doone McAlary

Earlier this month, 5-6 October 2016, Zoe Hollyoak Marketing Officer and I headed to the Wheatbelt on an exceptionally stunning spring day. Our destination was Beverley and the wonderful Station Gallery and Platform Theatre, managed by Beverley Station Arts (BSA), a delightful multi-purpose cultural precinct in the centre of town. It doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to visualise sitting in the amazing outdoor amphitheatre and enjoying a night of entertainment on a balmy summers evening.




The main intent of our trip was for Zoe to deliver a very hands-on MailChimp session with Jenny Broun and Sarah Miller, chair and secretary respectively of BSA. Jenny writes the monthly BSA insert for the ‘Beverley Blarney’, but with the new skills they’ve acquired it will now also be distributed electronically; and will make event invites and reminders so much easier. Beverley Community Resource Centre kindly provided the venue.




With templates designed, databases formatted, a tweet and Instagram or two, Jenny and Sarah were reasonably comfortable with the whole process. Our work in Beverley done, we hot-footed it back to Perth just in time for Zoe to make rehearsal in Freo!

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