Bella Kelly’s Artworks

Bella Kelly’s Artworks

Regional Arts WA

A legacy to future generations.

Artspiration #16 takes us on a very personal journey through the influence of Bella Kelly’s work on Australian landscape work, and how some of that story was uncovered in creating an exhibition for the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany.

Bella Kelly Retrospective curator Annette Davis, Vancouver Arts Centre team leader Amber Cordon, Arts Narrogin’s Debra Hughes-Owen and Karen Keeley, and Bella Kelly’s daughters Caroline and Cheryl Narkle all weigh in on the impact Bella Kelly’s work has had on their lives and local communities.

Artspiration is an initiative of The Creative Grid project through the Regional Arts Partnership Program supported by the Departments of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, and Regional Arts WA.

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