Arts Narrogin: Stories off the Wall!

Arts Narrogin: Stories off the Wall!

Gemma Robins

The Stories off the Wall! mural project enabled local artists, community members and youth to engage with a professional artist in the design and production of a large mural.

The mural celebrating local culture, identity and history, was developed through community design workshops and produced by community artists and volunteers. Under the mentorship of renowned artist Rebecca Cool, the 34 meter long mural was painted onto a wall in Narrogin’s main street, increasing visibility of the Visitor’s Centre and greatly contributing toward the revitalisation of the CBD.

Arts Narrogin’s high quality project management skills and strong partnership-building ensured the positive outcomes of the mural project were broad and long-lasting. The project attracted community members who had not previously been involved in arts projects, and the place-making nature of the mural has generated conversations with both locals and visitors.

Stories off the Wall! also created economic outcomes, with the project engaging many local businesses for project materials and services, and ongoing evidence that town visitors have been drawn to Narrogin for the purpose of viewing the eye-catching mural.




Project Name: Stories off the Wall!

Funded organisation: Arts Narrogin

Amount approved: $15,000

Funding program: Regional Arts Fund: Project Fund

Region: Wheatbelt

The participation of local professional artists and community members in the design and production phases of this project has enduring benefits through enhancing community arts skills and building local community capacity for future and similar project in the Town. The mural is unquestionably a new asset for the Town celebrating local culture, identity and history and contributing immensely to the revitalisation of the CBD”.

Leigh Ballad
Town of Narrogin

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