Publications and Research

Regional Arts WA

Publications and Research

Regional Arts WA is always seeking to advocate for and improve access to the arts in regional Western Australia.

To accomplish this our organisation and network has undertaken and participated in a wide range of research. We’re proud to be able to put the findings of this research back in the hands of the community, building the capacity of artists, artsworkers, and organisations throughout WA.

Below you will find a selection of useful resource guides, publications, and research that we have either been directly involved in or believe to be useful for the greater community.

Resource Guides

Regional Arts WA Outcome Measurement Guide
Regional Arts WA Principles for Writing in Plain English and Accessibility Guide
Regional Arts WA Community Presenter Guide
Regional Arts WA Advocacy Toolkit
Regional Arts Policy Framework
“Tech Degustation” Venue Specifications and Safety booklet
Building a Better Event
Making Time checklist – Artist self care
Audience Data and Advocacy Tools
Deliver an Acknowledgement of Country that really means something [VIDEO]

Publications and Research

2020Nine Manifesto (2011-2029)
Creating well: Working sustainably in communities (2021)
Towards Equity: A research overview of diversity in Australia’s arts and cultural sector (2021)
CSI Roadmap to Social Impact (2021)
Creativity at the Crossroads? The creative industries in Western Australia (2021)
Imagining 2030: Preparing for a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan (2021)
Arts and Culture Economic Recovery Plan (2020)
Mapping Arts and Cultural Funding Report (2017)
Measuring the value of cultural activity in regional WA: Evaluation report (2017)
Regional Arts Policy Platform Paper Survey Report (2016)
Arts in Daily Life: Western Australian participation in the arts (2014)
Gascoyne Focus Region Evaluation (2009 – 2013)
Regional Arts Funding Priorities Survey Report (2013)
Foundations for the Future Policy Paper (2012)
Country Arts WA Three Year Snapshot (2009 – 2011)

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