Regional Artist Roundtable Registration

Regional Artist Roundtable Registration

Regional Arts WA is convening a Regional Artist Roundtable, happening on 17 September 2020 and open to all regional Western Australian artists.

The aim is to have regular gatherings of regional artists and independent arts workers which allow for straightforward conversations and collaborative thinking, to focus on the topics of particular importance to artists. Your participation will help determine the shared priorities, goals, aspirations for artists and how we can work collaboratively to achieve them.

The Regional Artist Roundtable is one of three being convened by Regional Arts WA, including:

  1. Individual regional artists
  2. Regional arts organisations
  3. Metro service organisations with regional programming.

We expect there will be cross-pollination and shared knowledge across these three roundtables with regional communities being the decision makers in these discussions. Whilst each roundtable group will meet separately to start with, the intention is to bring them together to discuss shared goals, priorities and ways of working.

Roundtables will be held online and are open to all artists in regional Western Australia to participate. Notes from the meetings will be published on the Regional Arts WA website.

Please register to attend using the form below.

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