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Regional Online Chats

A connected, creative community needs places to gather and share ideas and information.

We’ve heard the feedback; our regional communities are feeling overwhelmed with information at the moment, and just want to talk it through with some trusted faces.

Working regionally can be isolating – particularly now as the effects of social distancing come into play. So, we wanted to create a regular, casual, online space where regional artists, arts workers, and others interested in our sector, could have a guided conversation about the topics most important to them right now.

Announcements about our upcoming Regional Online Chats can be found on the Regional Arts WA Facebook page, and will also be posted here once the details are confirmed.

Below you can find an archive of all our previous regional chats, so you can still hear what your peers have to say, even if you weren’t able to tune in live!

Regional Online Chats Archive

Recovery and Resilience Funding Tips and Q&A

Our staff are back to help answer all your burning funding questions – this time covering the Relief and Resilience grants currently available over on our funding page.

Funding programs open and close throughout the year – so be sure to check the funding page linked above to see what is currently available. If you require any support to make an application or have further questions, feel free to contact us.

Fringe World Regional Touring (with Ruth and Alyssia from the Fringe World Festival)

Ruth and Alyssia from the Fringe World Festival team have come to chat shop with us about getting Fringe shows into the regions!

Fringe World Festival is an open access arts festival that takes place in WA during January / February every year. This year, there were over 700 shows in the Festival comprising of comedy, music, circus and children’s in venues throughout Perth and the Metro regions.

In 2021, we want to encourage artists to tour their show to Regional WA and we want to help connect Fringe artists with regional presenters!

In this Regional Arts WA Online Chat you can find out more about the Festival, the types of shows that you can connect with and how you can register to host your very own Fringe shows. If you’re looking for programming for the start of 2021, Fringe World Festival can help.

Relief and Resilience Grants Applications Tips and Q&A

Regional Arts Resilience Grants up to $15,000 are now available for application – any questions? Well, we’ve got some good news for you: This video might just have the answers you seek!

The Regional Arts WA team dive into the nitty gritty of our latest grant programs and answer some burning questions from regional artists and arts workers keen to apply.

Click here for more information on our currently available funding.

Diversifying Income Streams and Building Cash Reserves (with Julian Canny from Euphorium and Annette Carmichael)

Annette Carmichael and Euphorium Co-Founder Julian Canny cover the importance of diversifying income streams and building cash reserves for regional organisations. A Revenue Planning Toolkit was also developed as part of webinar.

This webinar and toolkit was part of the Regional Arts Sector Investment program provided through Regional Arts and Culture Investment Program with support of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, with Royalties for Regions funding from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Governance and Post-Iso Thoughts (with Patrick Moriarty from Our Community)

Patrick Moriarty from Our Community joins us for this Regional Online Chat about how we emerge from isolation.

Patrick weighs in on your questions and joins a discussion about what boards and managers can do to take stock of where their organisation is at in the wake of recent challenges, and how we go about laying down tracks towards a post-isolation scenario.

Lotterywest COVID-19 Grants (with Nikki Miller from Lotterywest)

Our topic of conversation this week was Lotterywest’s COVID-19 relief grants, so who better to talk to than Nikki Miller, Senior Grants Policy Officer at Lotterywest? We hope this archive is a useful tool in seeking out grants that could help you or your community during this challenging time.

Since the chat, Nikki has clarified that:

  1. You can put an estimated figure of your request to the Resilient Organisations Program in your Event Cancellation Application so you can submit your Event Cancellation Application. Lotterywest will reconcile the amount, if necessary, when they receive your Resilient Organisation Application. Question at 24.59.
  2. Local Government authorities are eligible to apply for Lotterywest’s Crisis and Emergency Relief fund but they are not eligible to apply for the Event Cancellation Relief or Sector Support for Resilient Organisations.

For further information contact Lotterywest.

Steering your organisations through COVID-19 (with Paul MacPhail from Regional Arts WA)

Our CEO Paul MacPhail facilitated a conversation and information sharing on how to navigate through these tricky times, including touching on how to work with Boards/AGMs in times of crisis, Government relief packages, employment and contracts and Regional Arts WA’s response to COVID-19.

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