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Nintirri Centre

The Nintirri Centre is one of the four organisations in Country Arts WA’s Regional Arts Hubs pilot program.

The intent of the program is to increase creative self-sufficiency and autonomy for regional and remote communities and artists. The program will benefit the regional arts sector by revitalising and strengthening local capacity, economy, and community.

The Nintirri Centre Inc. is the main not-for-profit community service provider servicing Tom Price and surrounding communities. Established in 1983 it now employs over 30 staff across six service delivery areas, including:

  • Supporting Communities, Individuals and Families – Nintirri Neighbourhood Centre. A welcoming place that connects community through the provision of programs and services.
  • Early Years, Care and Education – Provision of the best quality care to children, providing a safe, loving and educational environment. It is the only child care centre in Tom Price, offering a 43-place fulltime day care, 19-place after school hours care and a 19 place transition to school program for three year olds based at North Tom Price Primary School..
  • Community Health and Wellbeing – Provision of guidance and support to empower men, women and children to improve their physical, mental and emotional selves.
  • Family Violence Counselling and Prevention Service – Provision of counselling, support and prevention programs to raise awareness and reduce incidence of family and domestic violence.
  • Social, Economic and Business Development – The Tom Price Community Resource Centre. Supporting enterprise development, employment and other service providers operating in the community through access to business facilities and technology, training and education, networking and provision of information on community events and services.
  • Arts, Culture and Tourism Development – Nintirri Creative – Nurturing arts and culture in our community to facilitate capacity building and community development; drive social and multicultural inclusion and engagement. Nintirri Creative is home to the emerging Regional Tourism event, the Karijini Experience, in its sixth year in 2018.

Our core vision is enriched lives, thriving communities. Foremost Nintirri strives to provide a welcoming place for all while encouraging a sense of community for the families and individuals in Tom Price and surrounding Aboriginal communities.

“The Nintirri Centre, based in Tom Price, is excited to be selected as one of the four pilot Regional Arts Hubs.  Our focus area is the Shire of Ashburton and City of Karratha and we have already embarked on the process of getting to know as many of the arts based organisations in those locations.  We believe strongly in the role of facilitating the future dialogue between these organisations and Country Arts and look forward to value adding on those connections through leadership programs and other opportunities that may present.”

– James Jarvis, CEO, Nintirri Centre

The geographical scope of Nintirri Centre’s responsibility as a Regional Arts Hub is:

  • Shire of Ashburton
  • City of Karratha

If you would like further information on Nintirri Centre’s involvement as a Hub please do not hesitate to contact:

Brie Healy (

08 9188 0500


Central Road
PO Box 76
Tom Price WA 6751

The Regional Arts Hubs will strengthen the State and arts sector by building creativity, capacity, and connection in and between regional communities. The program is an initiative of Country Arts WA.

The project is made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote Australia to give artists and communities better access to opportunities to practice and experience the arts.

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