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ARtS Narrogin

Arts Narrogin is one of the four organisations in Country Arts WA’s Regional Arts Hubs pilot program.

The intent of the program is to increase creative self-sufficiency and autonomy for regional and remote communities and artists. The program will benefit the regional arts sector by revitalising and strengthening local capacity, economy, and community.

Arts Narrogin supports and facilitates innovative artistic and creative endeavour and promotes the production, performance and appreciation of the creative arts and culture in the Narrogin regional community. This is achieved through fostering participation within a comprehensive annual program of events.

Arts Narrogin:

  • Advocates on behalf of individuals and organisations involved in arts and culture in Narrogin and the surrounding region
  • Enhances communication and facilitates cooperation throughout the regional arts community
  • Fosters community health and well-being through participation in the arts
  • Facilitates the inclusive participation of people with disabilities and all sectors of the community in Arts Narrogin events and projects
  • Promotes inclusivity through participation in the arts
  • Initiates, facilitates and manages arts projects and events in the region
  • Provides training and development opportunities for people in the region
  • Engages in community consultation to determine community aspirations for arts and culture in the region.

The geographical scope of Arts Narrogin’s responsibility as a Regional Arts Hub is:

  • Shire of Wandering
  • Shire of Brookton
  • Shire of Corrigin
  • Shire of Kondinin
  • Shire of Pingelly
  • Shire of Wickepin
  • Shire of Kulin
  • Shire of Cuballing
  • Shire of Williams
  • Shire of Narrogin
  • Shire of West Arthur
  • Shire of Wagin
  • Shire of Dumbleyung
  • Shire of Lake Grace

If you would like further information on Arts Narrogin’s involvement as a Hub please do not hesitate to contact:

Ellen Jeffrey (

08 9881 6987


80-82 Federal Street
PO Box 1168
Narrogin WA 6312

The Regional Arts Hubs will strengthen the State and arts sector by building creativity, capacity, and connection in and between regional communities. The program is an initiative of Country Arts WA.

The project is made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote Australia to give artists and communities better access to opportunities to practice and experience the arts.

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