The Exchange

Regional Arts WA

The Exchange

Each year regional arts organisations are brought together to build relationships and identify opportunities to collaborate and discuss the needs and priorities of regional arts.

The Exchange is part of one of the three streams of funding delivery appropriated by Country Arts WA’s Scheme Four funding initiative. The Exchange aims to capture the unique experiences of each organisation which allows other organisations to develop and learn, with participants tackling issues surrounding their practice as a collective. Each year it is tailored to the needs of regional arts organisations and is often inclusive of specific professional development requests.

The Exchange aims to achieve following objectives:

  • Encourage greater networking between the organisations to increase arts and cultural activities within regional WA
  • Build support systems amongst the organisations to increase community involvement in arts and cultural activities
  • Generate the development of shared knowledge and a foundation for this to continue into the future
  • Enhance best practice for the regional arts and cultural industry to ensure communities are vibrant and liveable
  • Develop a network between organisations that will enable industry sustainability through the collective sharing of resources, information, assistance and support systems
  • Alleviate issues of isolation affecting organisations, such as access to information, resources and support. This in turn, will provide better opportunities
  • Increase opportunity for social interaction, inclusion and community cohesion activities in regional WA by strengthening the network systems between organisations of similar lived experiences
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