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Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative

The Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative was a four year arts and cultural development partnership between Country Arts WA and the Gascoyne Development Commission. This partnership took place between 2009-2013.

The Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative delivered numerous successful projects and programs throughout its four year tenure.

The core objectives of the Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative were to:

  • Build the profile of arts in the region.
  • Create a broader understanding of what is possible through engagement with the arts.
  • Assist communities in generating a higher level of arts activity.
  • Improve the quality of life for communities.
  • Develop community confidence and capacity to create and manage arts activities.
  • Create opportunities and attract resources for ongoing arts and cultural development

After a four year evaluation the impact of the Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative has proven to have had a significant impact in the region. It has changed and influenced people’s lives, increased civic pride, and has been the catalyst for young people to continue residing in the Gascoyne.

Gascoyne in May

Launching as a Country Arts WA project in 2010, Gascoyne in May has now evolved in to an independent and incorporated organisation. It develops and administrates an annual coordinated circuit of festivals held on consecutive weekends across the region. Mostly free to attend, each festival is themed to reflect its diverse and individual locations; each celebrating and sharing local culture in their own Gascoyne style.

The Festivals include:

  • Barefoot Black Tie in Shark Bay
  • Burringurrah Festival of Fire
  • Gascoyne River Music Festival in Gascoyne Junction
  • TroopiCOOL Festival in Carnarvon
  • Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival in Exmouth

For more about Gascoyne in May, please visit

Out There Burringurrah

As a major project of the Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative, Out There Burringurrah was a regional youth arts leadership program delivered from 2011-2013 in the remote Aboriginal community of Burringurrah – in partnership with the Burringurrah Aboriginal Cooperation. The program was designed to increase opportunities for young people aged 12 to 26, and enable them to be involved in the arts, build their sense of place and identity, develop new skills, increase confidence, and strengthen community relationships.

The outcomes created by the community were produced to celebrate and document the project through a set of nine postcards, a calendar, a professionally produced CD and DVD, and a website.

Gascoyne Youth Create Tank

The Gascoyne Youth Create Tank program was established to provide young people in the Gascoyne region with an opportunity to increase their engagement with the digital infrastructure in their community, to establish an online hub and build sustainable networks.

From 2012-2013 the Gascoyne Youth Create Tank program:

  • Engaged over 217 young residents from across the region.
  • Coordinated workshops in four of the five Gascoyne communities.
  • Employed local Gascoyne artist Anton Blume.
  • Employed a Young Leader from Exmouth: Tiarna Windon-Weaver.
  • Collaborated with local governments, including the Shire of Carnarvon, Shire of Shark Bay, Shire of Exmouth, and the Gascoyne Development.


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