WAM | Sounds Of The Pilbara II

WAM | Sounds Of The Pilbara II

Gemma Robins

Sounds Of The Pilbara II: Songs in Language.

WAM have brilliantly captured five Indigenous languages and 54 Indigenous voices to make 26 fantastic tracks


Heralding a groundbreaking direction for WAM’s critically applauded Sounds Of series, we’re excited to announce the Sounds Of The Pilbara II: Songs in Language compilation CD is now ready to take listeners on a unique journey through some of WA’s ancient languages. Performed by Indigenous people from the Pilbara, this landmark recording project features a range of original songs (from country to contemporary) and sung stories (including heartfelt and inspiring tales and fables passed on down through generations).

With promoting the preservation of Aboriginal languages, culture and history of paramount importance to this project, Sounds Of The Pilbara II proudly showcases five Indigenous languages from WA’s Pilbara region, including Nyiyaparli, Nyangumarta, Nyamal, Ngarluma and Kurrama. Recorded over three weeks in a temporary studio in South Hedland, the compilation features 26 original tracks, and the involvement of 14 contributing vocalists and over 40 students from the Strelley community school (Warralong and Strelley campuses).

Listen here: www.wam.org.au/sounds-of-the-pilbara-ii-songs-in-language-launch/

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