Royalties for Regions Success | Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

Royalties for Regions Success | Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

Weng-Si Cheang

Photo by Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

Ravensthorpe is a town in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.

Arts and cultural activities bring communities together especially in local schools. The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council, a non-profit volunteer based organisation, was funded by the Royalties for Regions Creative Regions program to support Hopetoun Primary School P&C Association in delivering a project that encourages participation from staff and students. Jerome Davenport, Visual Artist, was commissioned to paint a mural and host workshops. The mural design was based on 120 drawings undertaken by the students whilst incorporating the school’s motto; ‘Hope by the Sea.’ The mural was painted over 3 days and the children were enthralled as they watched the painting come to life. The students would gather around the site during their breaks and speak with the artist sparking their creativity as the project provided a space where they could come together and interact with each other.

“A big thank you to everyone involved who made it happen. Its projects like these that make my job so enjoyable and the children get the opportunity to create and see the possibilities of where art can take them. I hope what I do gives young kids the inspiration to be who they want to be and do whatever makes them happy. Nothing is freer than a child’s mind.”
Jerome Davenport, Visual Artist

Impact of the Royalties for Regions Creative Regions in the community:

  • People Reached: 1,655
  • Community Participation: 533
  • Job Opportunities Created: 10
  • Extra Funding Leveraged: $23,862
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