Regional Arts Success | Newman Mainstreet Project

Regional Arts Success | Newman Mainstreet Project

Weng-Si Cheang

Photo by Jenna Mathie

Newman is a remote town in the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

Arts and culture activities, particularly shows and performances, help bring communities together and evoke creativity, interaction and connection between people. This is especially true for regional communities like Newman. Country Arts WA has supported Newman Mainstreet Project, a not-for-profit community organisation, to host professional shows in their town on a regular basis. The shows bring together people from neighboring towns that would otherwise be isolated from the broader community. This is also an opportunity for individuals to engage in variety of diverse performances that they may never get the chance to see in their home town.

“It is great to see the community having a chance to engage in a cultural experience and open their eyes to extraordinary things! People you don’t see regularly are coming out and into the centre, people travel from other towns, from outlying stations to see the shows in Newman. The atmosphere at the shows is always electric with everyone laughing and wanting to get involved, young and old are coming together.”

Nicole Willis, Former Newman Mainstreet Coordinator

Shows on the Go Highlights 2015:

  • Total Kilometers Travelled: 34,084
  • Total Communities: 34
  • Total Audience: 4,106
  • Jobs Opportunities Created: 15
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