The arts and cultural sector set to accelerate regional tourism

The arts and cultural sector set to accelerate regional tourism

Regional Arts WA

Regional artists, arts organisations and local governments will be supported to develop and promote arts and cultural events for tourists across Western Australia under the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Cultural Tourism Accelerator program, opened this week.

The Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program will enable place-based arts programs to increase visitation, build tourist confidence and activate engagement, drive connections across communities and between regions, and support regional arts sector-led responses.

Hundreds of people walking in a small space between marquees. Festival Lane at the 2019 Nannup Music Festival. Photo by David Bailey.

Regional Arts WA CEO Paul MacPhail says the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program is a timely program to increase audiences and participation at regional arts events and activities as we move into the next stage of our COVID-19 recovery.

“Supporting regional artists, arts organisations, and local governments to further market and develop their work will have an immediate positive effect on local regional economies. The power of the regional arts sector to attract local and domestic tourism will increase job opportunities, leverage further partnership income, and provide significant flow on effects to allied sectors, such as hospitality and accommodation providers.

“We would encourage artists and arts workers based in the regions to consider applying for a grant from the Regional Arts Fund Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program. It can provide a significant boost to your marketing and promotions effects as well as pave a way to initiate strategic short- and long-term partnerships.”

There are four grant categories in the Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program:

Flash Marketing Campaign: $2,500
A competitive quick response grant for upcoming projects to extend digital or grassroots marketing into a new visitor market.

Targeted Marketing Campaign: $10,000
A strategic and targeted marketing campaign to achieve a particular visitation outcome. The campaign will accompany an existing project, event, festival, venue or annual program.

Experience Initiative: $10,000
An initiative that adds an offer or experience to an existing program, to increase visitation or extend the visitor experience of ‘place’.

Partnership Initiative: $15,000
An initiative that develops a partnership with hospitality, accommodation, retail or events businesses to increase visitation and develop cross markets.

For more information, please go to RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator.

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