Sand Tracks 2016 bands announced!

Sand Tracks 2016 bands announced!

Gemma Robins

Legendary Lajamanu Teenage Band headline this year’s iconic Sand Tracks tour, supported by up and coming artists, Desert Hip Hop.

Lajamanu Teenage Band exploded onto the national music scene in the nineties as a pioneer of the distinctive desert reggae sound. From the remote community in the Tanami Desert, the Teenage Band quickly became popular with young people from the bush and town and 20 years on, continue to be a voice of social conscience, performing exciting live shows across Australia. In 2012, the band was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the prestigious National Indigenous Music Awards and are currently preparing for a 6th studio album.

With their decades of experience, Lajamanu Teenage Band will mentor talented young artists, Desert Hip Hop across the central desert region tour.

Desert Hip Hop is a new band made up groups from the Barkly region – Desert Sevenz, E-Town and Hill Boyz. The groups were formed out of the Barkly Desert Culture youth diversion program, a youth initiative run by Barkly Regional Council Sports and Recreation.

Sand Tracks starts on 28 August at the Bush Bands Bash in Alice Springs and will then travel to five remote Indigenous communities across three states; Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, with the final performance on the 14 September in Amata.

Presented by Country Arts WA and Healthway promoting the Mentally Healthy WA campaign message, Act-Belong-Commit, Sand Tracks teams a renowned Aboriginal headline act with a young Aboriginal band from central Australia. The two bands tour through Australia’s remote central desert region delivering live performances alongside music and culture workshops.

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