Regional Arts Success | Harvey Recreation & Cultural Centre

Regional Arts Success | Harvey Recreation & Cultural Centre

Weng-Si Cheang

Photo by Jenna Mathie

Harvey is a town located in the South West region of Western Australia.

Art and cultural activities, such as professional performances, create an opportunity for people to socialise, get together with friends and family, and celebrate community life. Country Arts WA and the Royalties for Regions Creative Regions investment has enabled Harvey Recreation & Cultural Centre to bring professional performances, through the Show on the Go Program, to the residents and visitors of Harvey to create a vibrant community that is liveable, creative and dynamic.

“You don’t want to travel far to see shows but there are no professional performance companies in Harvey so having these first class acts come through is a real attraction, very convenient and easy to get out to, It’s just handy and you get to see great talent… It’s a great social event, a chance to see people you don’t get to see often; you get out and about and meet new people… Having these shows in Harvey puts the town on the map and it’s good for the town, good for business and tourism. People come through from other towns, or traveling through, and they think Harvey, oh yeah, that’s where we saw that great show and then they come back! People know that Harvey is not a sleepy town – it’s full of active people here!”

Local Businessman, Harvey

Shows on the Go Highlights 2015:

  • Total Kilometers Travelled: 34,084
  • Total Communities: 34
  • Total Audience: 4,106
  • Jobs Opportunities Created: 15
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