Annie Kavanagh

Annie Kavanagh

Regional Arts WA

Annie’s work involves an innovative photographic technique using “iPhoneography”, which essentially is where the artist takes multiple images and manipulates them in an iPhone app.

The resulting images create a ‘Dutch Masters’ style photograph, which is then printed onto rag paper giving the image definition and painterly qualities. The Quick Response Grant supported Anne to participate in her first professional invitation to exhibit alongside other practicing artists an exhibition, with a newly created story series of six new images. Anne is keen to explore this and other opportunities to reach a wider audience with her work and to take some key learnings from this process. 

The Departure from the series ‘Pas de deux’ (Part I). Image supplied by Annie Kavanagh

Project Name: Artist Exhibition Opportunity
Funding Recipient: Annie Kavanagh
Amount Approved: $1,848
Funding Program: Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grant
Region: Wheatbelt

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