News | 2015 Art at the Heart Winner

News | 2015 Art at the Heart Winner

Gemma Robins

Archipelago Arts and the Shire of East Pilbara are excited to announce that Japanese installation artist Yasuaki Onishi is the 2015 Art at the Heart winner.

Osaka-based artist Onishi will spend six weeks living in the East Pilbara, engaging with local communities and working on his own creative practice.

Famous for using the simplest of materials – hot glue, rope, plastic sheeting, and wire, Onishi creates installations that are grand visual explorations of space.

Speaking of his creative practice, Onishi said: “I’m interested in invisible things, like air, or time, or gravity, or some kind of phenomenon.”

“I create sculpture that visualises ‘negative’ space, which is typically referred to as blank margin or hollow space.”

His previous installation works have also touched on the relationship between the natural and artificial, referencing mountains, glacier caves, and open seas.

Onishi will draw on the unique East Pilbara landscape to inform his work during his residency.

As well as exploring the region and working on his creative practice, Onishi will engage with local communities through a series of public activities.

Shire of East Pilbara Chief Executive Allen Cooper said he was delighted to welcome Onishi to the region:  “The Shire of East Pilbara is very excited to welcome Yasuaki and we can’t wait to see how the unique beauty of the East Pilbara will inspire him,” he said.

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