RAC Community Sponsorship

RAC Community Sponsorship

Gemma Robins

As an integral part of the WA community for more than 100 years, RAC continue to give back to their members and the wider community through their sponsorship programs.

They offer sponsorship support through Major and Community Sponsorship programs.

They have four sponsorship focus areas that ensure support is directed to initiatives that they feel passionately about. These are:

  • Safe driving – we believe that all road users have the right to be safe when using WA roads.
  • Less emissions – we want to lower emissions from vehicles.
  • Moving around – we encourage the use of active and public transport to help make moving around more efficient and affordable.
  • For the better – from our humble beginnings to the diverse organisation we are today, there is one thing that has not changed and that’s our drive to make WA a better place.

Find out more about the Community Sponsorship programs here.

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