Grants | Community Entrepreneur Program

Grants | Community Entrepreneur Program

Gemma Robins

Powering your community. Rewarding entrepreneurship.
Beyond Bank’s Community Entrepreneur Program rewards entrepreneurs with grants and access to support networks in order to assist and realise their dreams and to promote local economic development.

Twice a year, Beyond Bank offers new business grants to support people and businesses that are looking to create good outcomes that benefit the local community.

The Community Entrepreneur Program is open to entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology, social entrepreneurs or people with ideas for any other areas of business. Whether you’re a young entrepreneur who is trying to get an idea off the ground or someone with an existing start-up looking for a new business grant to expand, or anything in between, you can apply for a grant through the Community Entrepreneur Program.

Alongside financial support, we also assist to connect entrepreneurs with local support networks to give you access to expertise and insight that will help you succeed. This can include; crowd funding, shared workspace, education and training along with a network of other local entrepreneurs.

Applications close Sunday 31 May 2015.

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