CEO Update: October 2022

CEO Update: October 2022

Regional Arts WA

Dr Pilar Kasat provides an overview of her first weeks as CEO of Regional Arts WA, including the launch of new publication heart of the community, Arts Organisational Investment Program (AOIP) applications, advocacy at the planned National Regional Arts Summit in Canberra, and new Creative Leadership Program dates in Margaret River.


Hi everyone. Kaya Wanjoo Wanjoo.

It is my real pleasure to be talking to you today. My name is Pilar Kasat; I am the new CEO of Regional Arts WA and I have been in the role for just a few weeks. So, as you can imagine, I have been learning, listening, and talking to regional artists and regional organisations to get a sense of the depth and the breadth of our services and what’s happening across the board in the sector.

In my second week, I had the absolute pleasure to launch heart of the community, which really narrates 15 stories from across the vast geographies of our state. One thing that is a thread across the 15 stories in this book, is how much communities value the arts and the absolute connector on bringing a sense of belonging and a sense of community across our state.

I was absolutely delighted. There were regional people that came to our launch, and it was such a great atmosphere to celebrate you all. That was the aim of our book.

Lastly, what’s coming up for us.

Right now, like many of you, we are going through our Organisational Investment Program application to the Department of Culture and the Arts. That is a massive undertaking. I know many organisations, regional organisations, are applying to this fund as well. I wish you all the best and I am absolutely thrilled so many of you are applying, because it really means that our sector is ready to get that State support and, also, that we are ready to do more work.

I hope that you all get the support from the State Government going forward for this application.

The other interesting thing, and I am very excited, is there will be a regional arts summit. This regional arts summit is the conglomerate of organisations across the nation that are working in regional arts. We are going to get together in Canberra in November and for the first time have a dialogue, hopefully, with the Federal Minister for the Arts.

Obviously, advocacy is something really important, and something that we do continuously. This will give me the opportunity to meet our colleagues across the country and really set up an advocacy agenda for the years to come. So, I will be in Canberra advocating for all of us in November.

Back to WA, in November we are running a Creative Leadership Program. We will be running this in Margaret River, and I really look forward to learning more about the program. I will be a participant because, of course, I am really keen to know what it is we are actually doing with you. I know this program has run in many regions and we’ve got great feedback from it, so I really look forward to attending.

Look, I just want to say thank you so much for your ongoing support. You are our key stakeholders, and my door is open, my phone is open. Please call me, email me, to let me know your thoughts and how best we can support you going forward.

Until the next one, Thank You.

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