Calling all Great Southern artists

Calling all Great Southern artists

Gemma Robins

Southern Edge Arts is on the hunt to find where all Great Southern regional artists are hiding.

As part of a new initiative to strength the quality of Southern Edge Arts projects and  opportunities for growth the call is out for all artists living among our community to develop a  register of talent.

The artist register is  designed to locate and identify all the amazing talent living locally or rurally among us all. It is hoped that a central register will produce a pool of talent that can be accessed and utilized  for different artistic projects as well as be a port of call for other art bodies in the Great Southern to access.

The register will cater for all types of artists, ranging from experienced full time artists to hobbyists and part-time or casual artists. The range of skills are hoped to be long and  exhaustive, including Circus teachers, Juggling, Manipulation, Aerial Arts, Dance teachers, Hip  Hop/Break Dance, Parkour, Theatre Artists, Directors, Technicians, Stage Managers, Script  Writers, Project Managers, Set & Costume Designers, Fire Artists, Musicians and even FacePainters.

You can join the register by visiting

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